Never worry about releasing again

Feature flags have never been this easy

Roll out faster, deploy with confidence

Feature flags let you roll out a feature gradually, enable it for selected user segments or disable it completely. Make changes, and see the result instantly - without any disruptive code modifications, rebuilding or redeploying.

  • Roll out features at your own pace, then measure on the result

  • Get instant feedback with zero deploy

  • Fix bugs quicker - or disable faulty features entirely with a killswitch

Easy to implement, easy to manage

Bool requires minimum setup and works with any frontend framework, and with more solutions coming soon.

Our easy to use UI gives you full control over every feature across multiple projects and environments.

  • Supports multiple environments and projects

  • First class support for any frontend framework, with more to come

  • Smoother, faster release cycles by decoupling feature management from code delivery

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